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Table of Contents

1. Here is what I want you to know about my dog

2. Me and my dog

3. If my dog were a person, here's what I think!

4. Sketch of you and your dog doing favorite activity

5. Sketch your screensaver

6. Crossword puzzle of special times, memories or feelings

7. Word find of emotions

8. Maze of feelings

9. Craft: Toilet Paper Dog

10. Be a reporter

11. Write a blog

12. Dog collar frame and planter

13. Create a video

14. Shadow box with favorite toys

15. Paper bag scrap book

16. Favorite things list

17. Bucket list

18. Tribute Table

19. Shoebox memory box

20. Create seed paper cards to plant

21. Letter to your dog for cremation or burial

22. Make a memorial light

23. My journal

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