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Creating a Memorial Service for Your Cat

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

We know it's hard to lose your special kitty friends, and having a memorial service can help you share your feelings and allow everyone who loved your cat to come together. Here are some ideas for holding a memorial service for your beloved cat.

Welcome everyone to your service for (Your Cat's Name).

Begin the service with a song. Maybe it’s the favorite song for you and

your special cat.

For some ideas, check out all the songs from a beautiful Big Cat movie Lion King. We love Circle of Life and many of the other great songs from this movie!

Some other ideas for your service:

  • Read a poem or a special quote

  • Write a eulogy to read about your cat. A eulogy is the entire story of your cat’s life, from the day he/she came into your home to the entire life and memories you shared.

  • Play another song.

  • Have other people share their memories.

  • Share a special reading or a Biblical quote.

Dismiss your guests to the Memorial Reception with dessert (maybe try a Litter Box cake!) and to share more memories.

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