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For Kids: Using the Forever Friend book

When we were about your age, my friend Mary’s dog, Lump, and my dog,

Blackie, died. It was so weird because we didn’t get to talk about how we

felt, or how much we loved Blackie and Lump.

We wanted to give you and your family a chance to talk and show how much you

loved your friend. Whether you're preparing to say goodbye or your dog has already

died, this book is a place to honor your faithful companion and all of the things that

make them so special. Even to this day, Mary misses Lump, and I miss Blackie, and we

know you will forever remember the time you shared with your special pet, too.

Take some time with this book and use it to share your feelings. Maybe you’re mad

about what happened, that’s okay. Maybe you’re sad and feel like crying, that’s okay

too. Maybe you feel okay, because your special friend isn’t hurting anymore. That’s

okay too. From Mary and I, whatever feelings you have, they are okay to have. They

are your feelings, and you have them because you cared about your pet very much.

This book is yours. As you’re completing this, you can do it by yourself or maybe have

others help you who knew your pet, too. Whatever you do, it’s all yours, because you

loved a special pet friend who has died.

Just like us with Lump and Blackie, we know you will always love them.

Here we are today... Mary & Serissa and Coleen, Beulah and Albert as we send you

much love while you remember your pet friend.

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