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Honoring the Memories of Leah Rose: A Child's Loving Tribute

The bond between a child and their pet is one of the most genuine connections in the world. This relationship, built on love, trust, and shared experiences, creates memories that last a lifetime. Today, I'm honored to share a heartfelt submission from a young reader who used our book, Forever Friend: A Children's Guide and Activity Book for Saying Goodbye to a special dog, co-written with Coleen Ellis, as a medium to commemorate her time with her beloved dog, Leah Rose.

Through the lens of a child, the smallest moments often leave the deepest imprints. Here are the memories this young girl cherished most with her treasured canine friend, Leah Rose:

  1. Playful Moments: "Me and Leah would always play together." Their games, laughter, and shared joy are testaments to the purest form of friendship.

  2. Comforting Nights: "She would sleep with me." The security of feeling a beloved pet snuggle up, their rhythmic breathing lulling you to sleep, is an irreplaceable comfort.

  3. Shared Treats: "I would give her treats." Simple acts of kindness, like offering a tasty morsel, often mean the world to our four-legged friends.

  4. Adventurous Hikes: "Take her on hikes." Together, they ventured, explored, and discovered the world around them.

  5. Unforgettable Moments: "Biggest memory ever." Some memories are beyond words, felt deeply in the heart and remembered with a smile or a tear.

  6. Lost and Found: "We lost her but gladly found her ♥." An incident that must have been a roller coaster of emotions, and a testament to the strong bond between them.

In sharing these memories, this young girl reminds us all of the immeasurable worth of the moments we share with our pets. Each moment, whether grand or seemingly insignificant, forms the beautiful mosaic of a life shared together.

As we honor the memory of Leah Rose Robles, let's also take a moment to cherish our own fur-babies, past and present, and the unwavering love they offer us.

Thank you to our young reader for reminding us of the beauty in simplicity, the strength in memories, and the timeless bond of love between a child and their dog.

In loving memory of Leah Rose. Your paw prints will forever be etched in our hearts.

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