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For Parents: Using the Forever Friend book

We find when people reflect on their life and life experiences, the death of a childhood pet stands out, many times the first death they can remember. As a child, it can be a very confusing time, and one where they crave healthy guidance to understand what has happened or is about to happen.

Dr. Mary and Coleen’s life experiences in working with families with children allows them to share incredibly practical tools with parents. Parents who are trying to not only understand their own emotions, but to also provide a healthy grief journey or for a child trying to understand pet loss and grief, or even the pending death of a loved dog. Forever Friend is that practical guide full of shareable tools, speaking to the various emotions being experienced as well as appealing to the child of today via technology. Forever Friend is a robust workbook which opens the communication lines in a way never seen before in a children’s pet loss booklet, with thought-

provoking projects and tasks, incorporating on-line platforms familiar to a child and family. This workbook is also perfect for a family as they prepare for the death of a beloved dog, with tasks to prepare for the death and to normalize the emotions throughout the end-of-life walk.

A life lived with a precious dog should be treasured and remembered. This book is the perfect way to capture those thoughts and sentiments and as a permanent memorialization tool to forever honor the love shared.

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